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A review from APPEC, the newsletter for the Prince Edward County citizens’ group opposed to inappropriately placed wind power generation projects.

APPEC News: Wind Energy Woes Anthologized

By now many of us probably have learned more than enough about wind energy.  But it’s sometimes difficult to recall the facts or keep everything in perspective.

Wind Concerns Ontario is trying to help out with the publication of Dirty Business: the reality of Ontario’s rush to wind power.  The book is an anthology of articles by writers like Parker Gallant, Margaret Wente, Rick Conroy, Michael Trebilcock, and Ross McKitrick.

Together they explain what’s wrong with wind energy:

·         how it doesn’t fit with Ontario’s electrical needs or system
·         how it relies on excessive subsidies
·         how it cheats farmers and other landowners
·         how it fails to benefit the environment
·         how it puts at risk the health of nearby residents, and
·         how it corrupts democratic processes.

This book is no longer available. Thank you for your interest.


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