With Ontario in debt more than $230 billion as of mid-2011, the provincial government is intent on establishing a “green economy” in which there are manufacturing jobs galore and the urban dwelling voters can take pride in renewable sources of power. But this comes at a cost: huge subsidies to often foreign-owned wind power developers using taxpayer and ratepayer dollars, and despoilment of Ontario’s rural countryside to the detriment of rural homeowners and communities. As Ontario gradually industrializes its communities, complaints of health effects from the huge industrial wind power complexes increase while property values decline.

Will wind power replace coal as a power source? No. Will it create jobs long-term? No. Is it even “green”? Most decidedly, not.

Dirty Business: the reality behind Ontario’s rush to wind power features authors such as Margaret Wente, Tom Adams, Parker Gallant, and Ross McKitrick who tell the tale of what is really going on in Ontario.


“This combination of irresponsibility and venality has produced a lethal brew of policies.” Michael Trebilcock, professor of Law and Economics, University of Toronto

“The truth is that all the turbines in all the world can’t run a toaster, let alone a home, on their own. It is a lie that is repeated in virtually every news story on wind development.” Rick Conroy, Editor, Wellington Times

Dirty Business: the reality behind Ontario’s rush to wind power.



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  1. Volpone says:

    This book is an amazing compendium of facts and an excellent analysis of the Green/Greed Energy Boondoggle in Ontario perpetrated by Dalton the Dolt and his now chief supporter in office, Andrea Hogwash (whose party voted against restoring local democracy to local concils!

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