The indefensible Green Energy Act

It’s been a busy week in Ontario for power issues. The Green Energy Act came under fire at Queen’s Park as the government tried to amend legislation to fix the illegal parts related to domestic content (which, it turns out, they know was illegal back in 2010 but did it anyway).Best quote of the day: PC Energy Critic Lisa MacLeod said that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne would be named Business Woman of the year…in Massena NY, which benefits from Ontario’s bargain-basement sell-off of power surplus to our needs, to neighbouring states.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli admitted that the province is spending over $1 B a year or $22 B over the next 20 years on wind power.

To celebrate, we’re making you a special offer on the book that explains how all this got started: Dirty Business. Until March 22, we’re offering you a second copy of Dirty Business for just $2.20 when you buy one at the regular price of $8.99, plus shipping. That means, your second copy is practically free.

And no, it’s not McGuinty-nomics…we mean it!

Email us at and get your copies now.

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