Michael Trebilcock called it: hydro bills will go up

As people all over Ontario open their first electricity bills of 2014 (which don’t even reflect the increase effective January 1st) and are shocked to see a significant increase in the amount added to the amount owing, we recall the words of Michael Trebilcock in Dirty Business.

No comprehensive and professional analysis of the feasibility of the proposed amounts of renewable energy has been done to highlight potentially more cost-effective alternatives to renewables, such as further developing Ontario’s hydro resources, importing clean electricity from other jurisdictions, using “clean” coal or a more aggressive conservation policy. Evidence-based policy making by expert agencies has been replaced by government, by political expediency or personal hubris.

And now here we are: increases galore, with as much as 42% forecast for the next five years (Parker Gallant, Vic Fedeli and others think it will be much higher), businesses crying foul, energy poverty beginning to be seen among our more vulnerable populations, community organizations like churches and rinks saying they cannot continue, and citizens are saying, why can’t we buy cheap hydro from Quebec?

Why indeed.

What else is the foundation for Ontario’s current and very political energy situation? Ruthless marketing by the global wind power lobby? The failure of Ontario’s agencies to regulate prices of electricity? The complete absence of any business plan whatsoever?

Get your copy of Dirty Business and find out!

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