Tom Adams: “Very very dangerous”

A set of emails sent between former staffers of the former McGuinty government reveal how the regime was struggling to fight negative press and having the truth about the gas plant cancellations come to light.

Among the emails was a one from former CBC news reader and OPA executive, Ben Chin. He said that energy commentator Tom Adams was “very very dangerous.”

No kidding: Tom Adams in Dirty Business: “While the renewable energy project developers are still enjoying the last blush of their gold rush, job-destroying, budget-busting electricity rate increases have just begun. The McGuinty government’s massive portfolio of excessively priced, take-or-pay energy contracts will be ripping off ratepayers for twenty years.”

“The Green Energy Act must go,” he concluded.

Read more Tom Adams, plus Parker Gallant, Michael Trebilcock and many more in Dirty Business.

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