Comments are coming in about Dirty Business: the reality of Ontario’s rush to wind power

-an amazing compilation

-thank you, thank you, thank you. All of rural Ontario thanks you!

-This is great. This is the best information, all in one place.

-a good read and attractively put together

-Thanks for wrecking my day off. I sat down to read a bit with a cup of tea and ended up spending the day reading the whole thing. And now I’m mad as hell!!!

To order Dirty Business, please e-mail

We accept payment by cheque, PayPal (we can invoice you) or Interac bank transfer.

Copies are on sale at Manotick Office Pro in Manotick and Roxanne’s Reflections in Fergus. Copies will also be on sale at a special event in North Gower, September 28th at 7 p.m., Client Services Centre.

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One Response to Reviews!

  1. It`s too bad our P.M., that nice Mr. Harper, wasn`t even say 10% as corrupt, as the baard McGuinty, because if he was, we could get a gov. grant, to send a copy of this great, new, must-read book, to every voter in Ontario! Make that Canada! Because all Canadian voters have a right to know, everything available out there, reguarding the realities of IWTs & the wind business, being that govs. are asking them, to support them, in their communities.
    Educated, informed voters, choose better governments, who build better,stronger economies,in caring communities, which of course is better for all involved.

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