Kathleen Wynne’s “safe hands”

It’s a big weekend for the ruling Liberal Party in Ontario, with their convention in–where else?–Toronto. They are making sure they are election ready, as are the other parties. Kathleen yesterday revealed her approach: these are difficult times for Ontario, she says, and its not time for new ideas…it’s time for “safe hands” to guide us through.


Dirty Business documents the genesis of the Green Energy Act which was the foundation of the terrible situation Ontario finds itself in now: power bills causing poverty among citizens, electricity bills driving the manufacturers who remain out of the province, and a bizarre situation of surplus power produced at times out of phase with demand, so it must be exported at bargain-basement prices.

Aren’t you mad yet?

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The indefensible Green Energy Act

It’s been a busy week in Ontario for power issues. The Green Energy Act came under fire at Queen’s Park as the government tried to amend legislation to fix the illegal parts related to domestic content (which, it turns out, they know was illegal back in 2010 but did it anyway).Best quote of the day: PC Energy Critic Lisa MacLeod said that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne would be named Business Woman of the year…in Massena NY, which benefits from Ontario’s bargain-basement sell-off of power surplus to our needs, to neighbouring states.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli admitted that the province is spending over $1 B a year or $22 B over the next 20 years on wind power.

To celebrate, we’re making you a special offer on the book that explains how all this got started: Dirty Business. Until March 22, we’re offering you a second copy of Dirty Business for just $2.20 when you buy one at the regular price of $8.99, plus shipping. That means, your second copy is practically free.

And no, it’s not McGuinty-nomics…we mean it!

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Michael Trebilcock called it: hydro bills will go up

As people all over Ontario open their first electricity bills of 2014 (which don’t even reflect the increase effective January 1st) and are shocked to see a significant increase in the amount added to the amount owing, we recall the words of Michael Trebilcock in Dirty Business.

No comprehensive and professional analysis of the feasibility of the proposed amounts of renewable energy has been done to highlight potentially more cost-effective alternatives to renewables, such as further developing Ontario’s hydro resources, importing clean electricity from other jurisdictions, using “clean” coal or a more aggressive conservation policy. Evidence-based policy making by expert agencies has been replaced by government, by political expediency or personal hubris.

And now here we are: increases galore, with as much as 42% forecast for the next five years (Parker Gallant, Vic Fedeli and others think it will be much higher), businesses crying foul, energy poverty beginning to be seen among our more vulnerable populations, community organizations like churches and rinks saying they cannot continue, and citizens are saying, why can’t we buy cheap hydro from Quebec?

Why indeed.

What else is the foundation for Ontario’s current and very political energy situation? Ruthless marketing by the global wind power lobby? The failure of Ontario’s agencies to regulate prices of electricity? The complete absence of any business plan whatsoever?

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Power in Ontario: wind power costing hundreds of millions

Contributing Editor Parker Gallant was interviewed this week on Ottawa radio station CFRA by journalist Rob Snow, and commented on recent moves by the Ontario government to pay wind power generators, even though their power is not needed.

Ontario continues to process applications for yet more wind power projects, and has approved huge projects on the average of one a week through this summer.

As Parker commented in one of his chapters in Dirty Business, Ontario’s tourism slogan is, “There’s no place like this!” Never more true than now, as Ontario shakes its head in sadness and disbelief.

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CBC Radio 1: paying operators to keep their wind turbines off

Dirty Business: the book:

Here is the interview with Bob Chiarelli on CBC’s As it Happens, on the recent decision to pay for curtailed production of wind power. You will be aghast.

Originally posted on Wind Turbine Locations, Maps, Lawsuits, Setbacks:

You may still be able to listen to the interview here:

http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/listen/ Sep 12 (Part 3)

ONTARIO WINDFARMS    Duration: 00:07:03

It’s every lazy employee’s dream: getting paid to not do work.

It may sound far-fetched, but this week, the Ontario government will start paying wind-farm operators to not produce energy, and to keep their wind turbines off. And the province says that this plan will actually save Ontarians money, in the long run.

To explain how that’s possible, we reached Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli in Toronto.

View original

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Tom Adams on helpful journalists

In Dirty Business, Tom Adams writes that “…city-bound journalists are largely unaware of the corrosive effects some wind developments are having for communities, neighbourhoods, even families.”

Turns out, it’s worse than that: the latest spate of emails internal to the McGuinty era provincial government indicate that provincial government and agency officials actually sought to manipulate the media via “friendly” voices, whose favour may or may not have been encouraged by government contracts.

Here from Tom Adams current blog posting, his story on Corrupt Electricity Reporting, pertaining to Tyler Hamilton who parlayed his apparent environmental and electricity system knowledge into an influential column at The Toronto Star. (Hamilton no longer writes for The Star.) http://www.tomadamsenergy.com/2013/08/28/corrupt-electricity-reporting/

For more Tom Adams and others who foretold the situation today, your copy of Dirty Business can be ordered at dirtybusinessbook@yahoo.ca 

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Tom Adams: “Very very dangerous”

A set of emails sent between former staffers of the former McGuinty government reveal how the regime was struggling to fight negative press and having the truth about the gas plant cancellations come to light.

Among the emails was a one from former CBC news reader and OPA executive, Ben Chin. He said that energy commentator Tom Adams was “very very dangerous.”

No kidding: Tom Adams in Dirty Business: “While the renewable energy project developers are still enjoying the last blush of their gold rush, job-destroying, budget-busting electricity rate increases have just begun. The McGuinty government’s massive portfolio of excessively priced, take-or-pay energy contracts will be ripping off ratepayers for twenty years.”

“The Green Energy Act must go,” he concluded.

Read more Tom Adams, plus Parker Gallant, Michael Trebilcock and many more in Dirty Business.

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